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Undergraduate Physics at The Ohio State University

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Sample Curriculae: BS in Engineering Physics

A sample 4-year class schedule for the BS in Engineering Physics is shown below.
Engineering Physics Sample Curriculum
Year Autumn Winter Spring
  Math 151 (5 hrs) Math 152 (5 hrs) Math 153 (5 hrs)
  Engineering 181 (3 hrs) CS&E 2022 (4 hrs) Chemistry 121 (5 hrs)
  Physics 1311 (5 hrs) Physics 132 (5 hrs) Physics 133 (5 hrs)
  Engineering 100.07 (1 hr) Engineering 183 (3 hrs)  
  Physics 261 (4 hrs) Physics 262 (4 hrs) Physics 263 (4 hrs)
  Math 254 (5 hrs) Math 513 (3 hrs) Math 415 (4 hrs)
  Earth Sciences 1213 (5 hrs) Mech. Eng. 410 (4 hrs) Physics 416 (4 hrs)
  Physics 295 (1 hr) Eng Elect (3 hrs) Eng Elect (3 hrs)
  Physics 631 (4 hrs) Physics 632 (4 hrs) Physics 633 (4 hrs)
  Physics 555 (4 hrs) Physics 656 (4 hrs) Eng Elect (3 hrs)
  Math 568 (3 hrs) Eng Elect (3 hrs) Physics 517 (4 hrs)
  Eng Elect (3 hrs)    
  Physics 580 (4 hrs) Physics 581 (4 hrs) Eng Elect (3 hrs)
  Eng Elect (3 hrs) Physics 616 (4 hrs) Eng Elect (3 hrs)
  Eng Elect (3 hrs) Phys. Elec4 (4 hrs) Eng Elect (3 hrs)


  1. Students who are unable to start physics in their first quarter may choose to enroll in a regular section of Physics 131 in the winter quarter, completing the sequence with Physics 133 in the autumn of their second year, concurrently with Physics 261 and 295.
  2. Or Eng Graphics 167 OR CS&E 205
  3. Or Bio 113 or Chem 122 or Chem 125
  4. Either 664, 622 or 657. The course selected may be given in WI or SP. Additional physics courses may be taken as free electives.

This schedule is meant to be illustrative and you shouldn't follow it blindly. Students beginning with Math 150 will have to delay Math 151 until winter quarter of year 1 and start with Physics 131 in the spring quarter or Physics 131 the following autumn.

Courses in RED are only offered once per year.

Courses in GREEN are controlled access courses. These courses *CANNOT* be scheduled by the student. The Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Robin Wyatt (, 292-8523) schedules students for this course based on a scheduling list maintained in the Undergraduate Studies Office. Contact Robin AT LEAST 3 quarters in advance of when you would like to take a controlled access course to be placed on the scheduling list. Students are scheduled according to graduation priority AND date that they were placed on the list.

The total hours requested for graduation in the Engineering Physics program is 193. If the physics and math core plus technical electives, plus GEC courses do not add up to 193 hours, the difference should be made up with free electives.

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