Biophysics Seminar

The biophysics seminar is a concerted effort between The Ohio State University's Department of Physics and the Biophysics graduate program. Speakers at Biophysics seminars consist of an external guest speaker, current Biophysics students, or Ohio State faculty members.

Current Biophysics pre-candidacy students should register for the seminar course offered through the Department of Physics. Post-candidacy Biophysics students are required to attend but not to register for the course. For all Biophysics students, student presentations within small groups to enhance student presentation skills and provide open discussion are considered components of the seminar. Additional course information is available online at: (you probably have to right-click on this link and open it in a new tab or window).

Seminar Class:Physics 7891
Course #:19351
Section #:0020

Current location(s):

If you want to be included in the email list or have questions about Biophysics seminars, please contact Dr. Ralf Bundschuh.

Date and location Time Speaker Title
Smith room
1:45 Pearson Maugeri
Shafaat lab
Driving protein conformational changes with light: Evidence for photoinduced structural rearrangement in a heterobimetallic Mn/Fe oxidase
2:15 Jack Tokarsky
Zuo lab
Significant impact of divalent metal ions on the fidelity, sugar selectivity, and drug incorporation efficiency of human PrimPol
3:15 Bern Kohler
Department of Chemistry&Biochemistry
Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics of DNA Strands
Smith room
11:00 Saveez Saffarian
University of Utah
Run HIV Run, the protease is coming!
12:30 Stephen Pearson
Cowan lab
Fe-S Cluster Synthesis and Transport: Defining the Mechanism of [2Fe-2S](GS)4 Export Through an ABCB7 like Exporter
1:00 Carol Huseby
Kuret lab
Kinetic Model predicts end-to-end annealing of tau protein filaments
Smith room
9:00 Jeffrey Hayes
Rochester University
The chromatin architectural factors HMGN1 and 2 counteract H1-dependent stabilization of condensed chromatin and remodel histone tail domains within nucleosomes
10:30 Sarah George
Adeli lab
Are you a good candidate for constraint-induced movement therapy?
11:00 Ata Akatay
Fishel lab
Single Molecule Dynamics of Clathrin Structures
Smith room
11:00 Savas Tay
University of Chicago
Understanding Cellular Information Processing Using Microfluidic Single Cell Analysis
12:30 John Buford
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Data analysis approaches in motor systems neurophysiology
Smith room
11:00 Greg Bowman
Johns Hopkins University
Recognition of the nucleosome by a chromatin remodeler
12:30 Adriana Dawes
Departments of Mathematics and Molecular Genetics
Pushing and pulling to properly position centrosomes in polarized cells
Smith room
10:00 Jeffrey Guasto
Tufts University
Bacterial Transport and Taxis in Porous Media Flows
11:20 Matthew Reilly
Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Ophtalmology
Integrating Molecular and Tissue-Level Biomechanics in the Aging Ocular Lens
Smith room
10:00 Steffen Lindert
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Computational Protein Structure Prediction Guided by Covalent Labeling and SID Mass Spectrometry Data
11:20 Ian Krajbich
Department of Psychology
The Physics of Simple Decision Making: Brownian Mechanisms of Attention and Choice in the Brain
Smith room
11:00 Paul Selvin
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Single-Molecule Super-Resolution Fluorescence: Applications to Motors Walking in your Cells, to Cancer, and to Memory Formation
12:20 Chuan Xue
Department of Mathematics
Multiscale Modeling of Axonal Cytoskeleton Dynamics in Diseases
Smith room
11:30 Megan Valentine
University of California at Santa Barbara
Flex your mussels! Making Soft, Strong and Tough Materials Inspired by Nature
12:50 Jenny Le
Castro lab
DNA Nanocalipers to Probe Structure and Dynamics of Chromatin
1:20 Tingyang Zhou
Luo lab
Effects of Ionizing Irradiation on Mouse Diaphragmatic Skeletal Muscle
1:30 Robert Ross lecture
Wesley Wong
Harvard University
Single Molecule Approaches in Mechanobiology: From DNA Nanoswitches to the Centrifuge Force Microscope
3:00 Opportunity for students to meet speaker (refreshments provided)

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