Biophysics Seminar

The biophysics seminar is a concerted effort between The Ohio State University's Department of Physics and the Biophysics graduate program. Speakers at Biophysics seminars consist of an external guest speaker, current Biophysics students, or Ohio State faculty members.

Current Biophysics pre-candidacy students should register for the seminar course offered through the Department of Physics. Post-candidacy Biophysics students are required to attend but not to register for the course. For all Biophysics students, student presentations within small groups to enhance student presentation skills and provide open discussion are considered components of the seminar. Additional course information is available online at:

Seminar Class:Physics 7891
Course #:25891
Section #:0020

Current location(s):

If you want to be included in the email list or have questions about Biophysics seminars, please contact Dr. Ralf Bundschuh.

Date and location Time Speaker Title
Smith room
11:00 Yiqin Gao
Peking University
DNA methylation and chromatin structure
12:30 Li Zuo
Division of Radiological Sciences and Therapy
Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Bystander Effects in Radiotherapy
Smith room
11:00 John Hackett
Virginia Commonwealth University
Computational and Biophysical Studies of Unusual Cytochromes P450
12:30 Nathan Jones
Fishel lab
Site Selection Limits Retroviral Integration
1:00 Avinash Jaiganesh
Sotomayor lab
Structural variations in the cadherin-23 ectodomain and the molecular mechanisms of inherited deafness
Smith room
11:00 Dan Larson
National Institutes of Health
Regulation of Transcription and Splicing in Single Cells: Understanding Heterogeneity in Gene Expression
12:30 Sidharth Mohan
Magliery lab
Consensus, Correlation and Combinatorics based approaches in engineering Triosephosphate Isomerase Stability
1:00 Bala Hariharan
Dalbey lab
Polarity/Charge as a Determinant of Translocase Requirements for Membrane Protein Insertion
Smith room
11:00 Yawen Bai
National Institutes of Health
Structural mechanisms of chromatin assembly, folding and regulation
12:30 Mithila Agnihotri
Singer lab
Dielectric properties of biomolecules: Methods and Application to DNA oligomer
1:00 Dengke Zhao
Bundschuh lab
Asymmetric nucleosome unwrapping probed by DNA origami nanostructure
Smith room
11:00 Jon Song
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Engineering the Tumor's Physiochemical Microenvironment
12:30 Shane Hutson
Vanderbilt University
Measuring and modeling the mechanics of morphogenesis
Smith room
11:00 Simon Watkins
University of Pittsburgh
From Little Animals to Moving Molecules
12:30 Ewy Mathe
Department of Biomedical Informatics
Chromatin accessible regions define disease-specific states
Smith room
9:00 Essa Yacoub
University of Minnesota
Multiband imaging for functional and structural MRI
10:30 Paul Stoodley
Departments of Microbial Infection and Immunity, Orthopedics, and Microbiology
The biophysics of bacterial biofilms: a basis for developing new solutions in healthcare and industry
1:30 Robert Ross lecture
James Hudspeth
Rockefeller University
How hearing happens: Mechanical amplification by ion channels and myosin molecules in the inner ear
3:00 Opportunity for students to meet speaker (refreshments provided)

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