Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics Experiment

The nuclear physics experimental group is actively pursuing a wide range of topics, from studies of the nature of excited nuclear states and relativistic heavy ion collisions to nuclear reactions of importance to nuclear astrophysics. The group includes three Ohio State physics faculty, one emeritus professor, seven physics graduate students, three post-doctoral research associates, and additional students and faculty from other Ohio State departments. It is well supported by the NSF and DOE. Experiments are performed at the following medium energy nuclear research facilities:


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Recent Publications

Publications of The Nuclear Astrophysics Group
Publications of The Nuclear Charge Exchange Group
Publications of The Relativistic Heavy Ion Group

Affiliated Faculty:

Richard N. Boyd,
Thomas J. Humanic,
Michael Lisa,
Evan R. Sugarbaker,
Hershel J. Hausman (Emeritus),

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Helen Caines,
Arun C. Das,
Ivan Kotov,
Alexander Murphy,
Bjorn S. Nilsen,

Graduate Students:

Frank Chloupek,
Arthur Cole,
Michael Famiano,
Recep (Taygun) Guray,
David Hardtke,
Gaspare LoCurto,
Dennis Reichold,


Howard Dyke, Senior Design Engineer,
Linda O'Brien, Secretary,

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