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Honors Physics 132 -- Winter, 2010

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2:30 Final Solutions

3:30 Final Solutions

Six Ideas Unit E Programs



Prof. Robert Perry
M2056 Physics Research Building
397-1031 (work cell phone)

* Prof. Perry's Office Hours
  • Available in Smith student lounge the hour before class on days homework is due.
  • Available in my office most days from 10:30-1:30.
  • Ask for time any day after lecture or by email.

  • Graders:

    Ms. Jin Yang
    3016 PRB
    Mr. Yaser Helal
    3026 PRB

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    *General Information about Honors 132

    Course title:
    Honors Physics 132: Relativity, Electricity & Magnetism
    Six Ideas That Shaped Physics, Units R & E, 2nd Edition, by Thomas A. Moore

    Topics to be covered:
    Galilean & Special Relativity
    Electricity & Magnetism
    Meeting Schedule:
    Five days each week at 2:30 pm or 3:30 pm in Smith 1094

    0th order Grade Weighting:
    Homework [15%]
    Labs [10%]
    Exams [3 x 25%]

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    * Problem Sets

    Homework due dates and times announced in class and here. Turn homework in at start of class.
    Late homework must be turned in by next class, 25% off.
    Graded homework returned in class the next week and solutions posted here.

    • Hwk #1 (due Fri Jan 8) --- R1B.2, R1B.5, R1S.5, R1S.7 solutions
    • Hwk #2 (due Tue Jan 12) --- R2B.2, R2B.8, R2S.7 solutions
    • Hwk #3 (due Fri Jan 15) --- R3B.5, R3S.4, R3R.2, R3A.1, R4B.4, R4S.2, R4S.5 solutions
    • Hwk #4 (due Fri Jan 22) --- R6S.5, R6S.7, R6R.2, R6A.1, R7B.8, R7S.1, R7R.2 solutions
    • Hwk #5 (due Tue Jan 26) --- R9B.7, R9S.4, R9S.9, R9S.12, R10S.3, R10S.6, R10S.8, R10R.1 solutions
    • Hwk #6 (due Fri Feb 5) --- E1: B.2, B.6, B.9, S.2, S.6, A.1; E2: B.7, B.9, S.2, S.6 problems missing in 3rd edition solutions
    • Hwk #7 (due Tue Feb 9) --- E3: B.2, B.5, B.9, S.4, S.6, S.7 problems solutions
    • Hwk #8 (due Fri Feb 12) --- E4: B.1, B.4, B.7, S.2, S.5, S.8 problems solutions
    • Hwk #9 (due Tue Feb 16) --- E5: B.2, B.10, S.2, S.6, S.9, R.1 problems solutions
    • Hwk #10 (due Wed Feb 24) --- E6: B.2, B.5, B.8, S.3, S.5, A.2 problems solutions
    • Hwk #11 (due Fri Feb 26) --- E7: B.5, B.8, B.11, S.2, S.4, S.14 problems solutions
    • Hwk #12 (due Wed Mar 3) -- E8: B.1, B.2, B.8, S.2, S.6, S.11, R.1 problems solutions
    • Hwk #13 (due Fri Mar 12) -- E9: R.1, R.2; E10: S.2, S.4, A.1; E11: S.8, R.1; E12: S.6, A.1; E13: S.1, A.1; E14: S.2, R.1 problems solutions E10A.1 problem E10A.1 solution

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    *Examinations - No notes or books should be used other than those provided.

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    *Lecture Notes

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    * Mathematica Notebooks

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    *Some links of interest

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