Klondike bar 2012 Summer Seminars
Mondays at 11:30 am
PRB 1080
Bring Your Own Lunch -- Ice Cream Provided

    Thesis Advisor: Ji-Chem Zhao/Hammel
June 25
Cosmin Blaga
Self-imaging molecules with laser-driven electron diffraction
    Mentor: Louis Di Mauro
Justin North
DNA exposed! Mechanisms for accessing genetic information
    Thesis Advisor: Michael Poirier
July 2
Onur Erten
Double perovskites: from half metals to multi-band Mott insulators
    Thesis Advisor: Mohit Randeria
Sheldon Bailey
Elasticity of the eye's crystalline lens
    Thesis Advisor: R. Sooryakumar
July 9
No Seminar as no one responded.
July 16
Michael Fellinger
Classical potentials for accurately modelling transition metals
              Thesis Advisor: John Wilkins
Mehul Dixit
uantum Physics in Low Dimensions - Study of
Quantum Phase Transition in Interacting Quantum Wires

    Thesis Advisor: David Stroud
July 23
Alex Mooney
Tuning Nucleosome Stability
    Thesis Advisor:
David Gohlke
Tuning Magnetic Interactions in Semiconductors by STM
    Thesis Advisor:
July 30
Peng Zhao
Determination of elastic tensor in materials using
ultrasonic surface waves excited by ultrafast laser

    Thesis Advisor:
Greg Vieira
Remotely tunable patterned magnetic traps for
         biological and engineering applications

    Thesis Advisor:
August 6
Jeremy Nicklas

    Thesis Advisor:
Sarah Fortman
Weeding the Astrophysical Garden
    Thesis Advisor:

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